2019 Annual Report


Community Mental Health of Ottawa County partners with people with mental illness, developmental disabilities and substance use disorders and the broader community to improve lives and be a premier mental health agency in Michigan.


I am pleased to present the 2019 annual report. In this report you will find a description of our financial status, statistics on the number of people we served, and details on some of the important programs we provide to our community.

At the core of our services are our staff; both those employed by CMH and those employed by our many contractual providers. This is a small army of individuals who provide care, support, counseling, quality assurance, IT, finances, and other administrative duties to the people we serve. I am lucky to work closely with many of these staff members and can see the positive impact they have on peoples’ lives. Yes, this work can be stressful, but it is also profoundly rewarding to walk alongside someone on their road to recovery and the life they want to live.
Every detail in this report can be traced back to the hard work being done by dedicated staff be it answering the phone for a request for service, helping an individual learn a new skill, making sure a person has a safe place to live, or just simply listening. Without the resource of our staff we couldn’t accomplish these things yet we are at a crisis situation with some of our most valuable employees. There is a critical shortage of direct care workers; those people who work directly with our consumers to provide care, training, and support. The reason for this shortage is multifaceted but the solution seems fairly straight forward; these jobs need to be compensated at a fair and competitive rate. Your help in advocating
on this issue is very much appreciated.

I hope you will join me in recognizing the dedicated group of people
who make up our workforce.


Lynne Doyle – Executive Director

Investing in the Mental Health of Our Kids...
and Our Community

Ottawa Community Schools Network (OCSN) was formed in August of 2017 as a collective effort to better integrate health and human resources into our schools. The program was created due to the rising mental health needs of the youth in our communities, and the fact that many young students were lacking access to professional care.

One of the biggest barriers for kids to receive the support they need is finding and getting to the resources that provide it. OSCN removes this barrier by placing a community coordinator into school buildings to identify and assess kids in need of mental health support. On-site resources are then provided to address those needs - bringing the resources to the kids instead of the other way around. Something that would not be possible without funding from Ottawa County’s Mental Health Millage.

“Money from the millage has been vital for this program. It has helped students get the correct type of mental health services so they are able to just be in class and learn and not be worrying about whatever else might be happening outside
of school.” - Caroline Geist - Director of Ottawa County School Network

This year, millage dollars allowed OSCN to expand from 3 districts and 5 schools to 6 districts and 11 schools, helping even more middle school kids at a crucial age in their development by giving them support, encouragement, tools, and options
to cope with adverse childhood experiences. Many schools and families are seeing the value in the program and the hope
is it will continue to expand.

“We have seen a great deal of success stories, and most of all a change - a shift - in how our community and kids and their families view getting support for mental health. Now, families reach out to us for help. That’s when you know it’s really making a difference.” - Nick Cassidy - Principal, Holland Middle School

OSCN was created to meet the critical need of helping our youth get mental health support,  but it has also proven to instill in these students a belief in themselves and a belief that they can have a better future. As Principal Cassidy has pointed out, “ It’s not only an investment in kids now, but also for generations to come.”

“If a kid can walk away with a sense that there’s a person who believes in me, believes I have value, believes I can make choices to take my life in a different and better direction...we’ve won something there.”
- Bob Herman - OSCN Mental Health Counselor


Number Persons Served Graphic
Quote from Nick Cassidy, Principal of Holland Middle School


Annual Revenue for Behavioral Health Services Graphic
% Annual Revenue For Substance Use Disorder Services


Annual Expenditure for Behavioral Health Services Graphic
% Annual Expenditure for Substance Use Disorder Services


2019 Mental Health Millage Outcomes Graphic


Ottawa Pathways to Better Health (OPBH) uses an evidence-based community health worker (CHW) model designed to identify and address individual risk factors. CHWs walk alongside clients to set goals and assist in achieving them. CHWs are trusted members of the communities they serve; sharing common ethnicity, language, culture and life experiences with their clients. Following program development with community partners and funding from multiple sources, including the Mental Health Millage, OPBH was fully implemented in early 2017 as a 3-year pilot project. In the three years since its inception, OPBH has enjoyed tremendous growth and recognition as an essential community resource.

1620 Individuals referred to OPBH to date
1040 Individuals received services to date
Program growth from five to nine CHWs(2018-2019)
Collaboration with CMHOC-two CHWs are embedded in CMH and work exclusively with CMH consumers
Collaboration with Ottawa County Department of Public Health-Maternal Infant Health Program-in which
  one full-time CHW works with pregnant women
Initiated completion of Aces survey with clients which reveals that OPBH is reaching those at greatest risk
Launched a fund raising campaign to assist clients with rental application fees for housing
Recipient of 2018 and 2019 Mosely Team Award for Extraordinary CHW Service-Honorable mention

Group of CHWs smiling

FOR 2020


Richard Kanten
Julie Kenyon
Dave Parnin
Alberto Serrano
Vonnie Vanderzwaag – Vice Chair
Doug Zylstra
– Secretary
Thank you to our CMHOC Board Members